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Alex Wagstaff


Alex Wagstaff is a vocalist and songwriter based in Melbourne’s inner-west.

Alex has cemented himself within the Melbourne indie scene as the lead singer of Franco Cozzo, as well as featuring on ‘Keep Cool’ - a new EP released by Mike Miller in 2019. Intertwining a love of storytelling with smooth vibrato and a killer range, Alexander’s songs perform as the magical realism of music and will leave you wanting more.

Franco Cozzo


Franco Cozzo is a five piece indie band from Footscray, located in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs.

Franco's roster includes Lead Vocalist and Co-lyricist Alex Wagstaff, Lead Guitarist and Co-lyricist Sam Sharkey, Guitarist and Saxophonist Archie Beattie, Bassist Maseta Pratama and Drummer Reuben Cumming. The band’s first taste of the music scene began in early February, 2015 with Sam, Archie, Alex and Hugo Speth (Franco Cozzo’s original drummer temporarily studying in Sweden). After playing some “preferably forgotten” gigs, Maseta joined Franco and helped to establish the sound that the band currently gives to the industry today.

In the last three years Franco have collaborated with Musician & Producer Mike Miller to create two EPs; ‘Four Songs That We Recorded One Day’ (2017) and ‘Stopping All Stations Except South Kensington’ (2018).

Hollow December

Hollow December.jpg

Hollow December are a Melbourne-based alt-rock group that have been performing and writing music for two years.

Influenced by bands including Radiohead, Muse and Snarky Puppy, their alt-rock sound often draws from other genres, ranging from upbeat jazz to progressive rock and orchestral music. Their powerful guitar-driven tunes with melodious vocals, layered strings, unearthly synths, snappy bass-lines, and complex beats give Hollow December a unique sonic identity. The band found its lineup in 2016 after guitarist and vocalist Johnsen Cummings, keyboardist and synth player Oliver Voogd, and violinist Amos Gibson were joined by bassist Dylan Jepsen and drummer Luca Martin in their high-school music class. They went on to record their first EP themselves— ‘AV’, releasing the following year. The band continued to develop and refine their sound and, after winning the 2017 Push Start Battle of the Bands competition, enlisted the aid of sound engineer Mike Miller to produce their second EP, ‘Darkroom’ in 2018. They are currently working on an as yet untitled third EP, set to release in 2019.





Straight from the inner western suburbs of Melbourne, Redferrie are a 4 piece Indie Rock outfit -

Containing Lead Singer & Guitarist Will Brien, Bassist Sani Espinosa, Lead Guitarist Lee Mitvalsky and Drummer Ruari O’Driscoll. The band formed in late 2018 and before playing their first ever live show together, released their first single “All Stations” which helped garner some excitement of the band. After a couple of packed gigs at Footscrays Dancing Dog Cafe, Redferrie had launched themselves at the for front of the western music scene. After heavy anticipation from fans, the group released their debut 5 track EP to great results, reaching 10k streams in one week.